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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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above tampa. we will take you inside this plane and show you the terrifying ordeal the passengers and crew went through. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jenn holloway. thank you for joining us tonight. newschannel8 has obtained an exclusive report on a state investigation over real health concern related to the dumping of sewer water in the bay. they asked officials tough questions about the bumping millions of gallons of sewer water into the eco system. jeff patterson joins us live from saint petersburg. that meeting just came from a close. there are any distinct resolutions today? >> reporter: yeah, no resolutions, jenn, the meeting did just wrap up. people are walking out even as we speak. as a matter of fact, we are hoping to talk with mayor kriseman who faced tough questions from the state senators about this.
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documents showing children were in the water and a commercial driver was in the water as sewer water was being released and they were never told. >> any attempt to let people know would have been appreciated. >> reporter: sam makes his living in the water as a commercial diver working on boats. when the city of saint petersburg released waste water in the bay, he had no idea. >> dove for a day. and within hours after being in the water i was in a bad way. i was, you know, basically just ha pains, flu like symptoms. fever achiness. it happened straight away. >> reporter: fred also makes a living on the water running dolphin cruises. >> i go out there three to four times a day. seven days a week. the smell was so bad when you go by the old sewer plant at the airport, i know that is where they dumped it, it will take your breath away. >> reporter: state representative kathleen peters wants to find out why the public is not being told when sewer water is being released
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this happened in the first place. it never should have happened. >> reporter: yeah, we just found out from the state department of environmental protection that it wasn't just a saint petersburg problem. throughout all of pinellas county, 248 million gallons of waste water was released into tampa bay. we are now going to ask mayor kriseman coming up how that happened. what he plans to do about it, and how he plans to not have this happen again. on newschannel8. >> a huge problem. thank you jeff patterson for that update. live for us in saint petersburg. now, just a few minutes ago, the florida department of health released a statement saying that it has continued to routinely test the water at locations in pinellas and hillsborough county, now only one recent test at simmons park beach warranted an advisory. all the other testing locations, the water quality rates as good or moderate.
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the spill. significant developments in a breaking 8 on your side investigation. mosaic has apologized to polk county for keeping the lid on the big leak at its fertilizer plant in mulberry. a sink hole opened beneath a gypsum stack in august. steve andrews exposed their contaminated secret and he is here with an important update. >> reporter: keith, according to mosaic, it is now all about rebuilding trust. well, after hundreds of radioactive water were swallowed by a sink hole dumped into the aquifer and you don't say anything to neighbors for 19 days i would say it is all about rebuilding trust, too. when this sink hole opened august 27, mosaic notified all government agencies it was supposed to. it did not notify neighbors. the secret got out last week when 8 on your side confirmed 215 million gallons of radioactive water used to
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into the aquifer possibly endangering the drinking water of neighbors. so the vice president apologized today to the polk county commission. >> we realize we could have done a better job in providing timely notification to our neighbors and the broader community. >> reporter: mosaic is now paying for and testing the wells of neighbors concerned about the integrity of their water. they are trying to build trust. >> i deeply regret and apologize that i didn't come forward and communicate with them so. provide as to why we didn't do that to me would ring hollow. so i won't go there. >> you said you don't really want to get into why. but, i want to get into why. why didn't you notify the public? >> sure. there's a time and a place i will address that with you later. it feels a little bit right now if that i get into that, i'm making excuses. but i do want my focus right now to be on the neighbors and to give them the assurances that we are going to do everything we can and that we
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>> have you actually met with any of the neighbors yourself? gone out? >> at this point, no i haven't, but that is next on my agenda. >> reporter: got a lot to do! according to mosaic, the contaminated water has not traveled beyond its property line. it claims there is nodding tore the wells of nearby homes. testing will go on for months. mosaic is supplying bottled water to the homes of people who wanted it. there are 27 lined up the next couple o >> the most important piece of information now is there is no danger to the nearby homes but that is according to mosaic. and that comes back to the trust issue at this point. you wait 19 days and there's even quivering in the voice. there is nervousness about how they have handled this so far. how do you believe what they are say something. >> reporter: because they say you can. now, the department is monitoring this investigation, but the guardians of our environment are not being very
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we will have more on the dep. >> and a reminder if you live near this plant and want mosaic to test your water here is the telephone number to call. (813)500-6575. and we also have this number for you posted on a scary ordeal overnight aboard an american airlines plane making a scary landing at tampa international airport. the with its landing gear requiring everyone on board to get into a crash position before touching down. newschannel8's ryan hughes shows us how passengers and the pilot described what happened. >> reporter: scary, terrifying, horrifying. passengers aboard flight 574 are happy to be in tampa after some very tense moments above the bay area. this video shows passengers
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international airport. the darkness lit up by emergency lights. crews rushed to help passengers as the plane touched down after a harrowing ordeal on board. >> we were pretty low. the pilot took a nose up and we went whew, look that. >> reporter: the host of wbla daytime was aboard the flight. they aborted the landing due to a problem with the landing gear. this map shows how the plane circled above the airport before ominous warning. >> they were in full crash mode. okay people. we have to cross your arms, put your head down. and, when we say brace, you brace. >> reporter: the plane landed hard. its on problem, a blown right tire. work crews surrounded it as seen in this video. as he exited, he thanked the pilot for getting him down safe and sound. >> how did you do it? >> just did our training. we followed our training just like anybody would.
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rejoiced. >> here we are. we are survivors. >> reporter: university of tampa student david walsh took the emergency landing in stride. >> i mean ... i try to keep myself calm. because everyone next to me was freak out a little bit. so i just ... i held it together. >> reporter: making walsh one of 146 passengers happy to touch the ground after some tense moments in the sky. and surprisingly, this wasn't the only issue for these passengers. the first plane they were on in phoenix service because of a mechanical plane with that issue as well. i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. >> nobody was injured. member cool stairs were brought to the planes for passengers to exit. serious cease fire is showing signs of falling apart after more air strikes hitting an aide convoy.
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20 civilians died in that strike. it is being blamed on russia or syria. but both are denying that they are responsible. as a result, though, all aide convoy movements in syria are now on hold. some 140 heads of state and government leaders met in new york for the annual united nations general assembly. josh benson joins us live from the tampa news center. this refugee crisis priority. >> reporter: stop terrorism, bring peace to the middle east and solve the worst global refugee crisis in a quarter century. more than 20 million people are displaced and half of them are childrenment president obama hosted the summit on the global refugee crisis. his last speech to the u.n. general assembly as president. >> and together, now, we have to open our hearts and do more to help refugees who are desperate for a home. >> reporter: the president is
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to end refugee suffering. increased funds to humanitarian efforts. admit more refugees legally and open boarders. and offer more education and work to build refugee self- reliance. >> we have to imagine what it would be like for our family. for our children. if the unspeakable happens to us. >> reporter: meanwhile, south cry from refugees all around the globe. parliament square in london transformed to a graveyard of 2500 life jacketrn refugees in the terrifying crossing to greece. >> the policies are making it difficult for people to claim asylum in a safe way. and that is what we are asking. >> reporter: riots erupted inside a greek detention camp forcing out 4,000 refugees after a large fire swept through the camp forcing migrants from their tents on the greek island of lesbos and controversy as donald trump
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if i had a bowl and said three would kill you, would you take a handful? the refugees are children and not candy. well, the summit, 193 countries adopted what is called the new york declaration. an unprecedented effort to improve these lives of the people displaced by political crises and war. >> thank you josh benson. when we come back, it remodeling nightmare. they paid someone to finish their kitchen cabinets but that was months ago. >> when the person didn't finish the job, they knew they better call behnken. we are will show you what shannon found out when she went to track down the contractor. >> a quieter day in terms of thunderstorms. but it is plenty warm an humid around the area. we will let you know if there are any changes coming up. >> that and more coming up. you are watching newschannel8, the station always on your
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i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> can't wait to see your calendar, you always have the fall leaves. >> i have been telling you, just because the leaving are falling doesn't mean it is just going to dry out on that day. >> we we can hope it is going to happen. >> we'll have a nice warm forecast for you. i guarantee that this time of year. temperatures were that way today. 89 degrees, that's the current number in freedom plaza and sun city center. north winds at 3 miles an hour. a mix of sunshine and cloud. a lot of sun down in venice. 86 degrees. a west wind of 9 miles an hour. so, not much in the way of hardly a cloud there. and the lake club in lakewood ranch, 87 degrees. a northwest wind at 8 miles an
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of precipitation and drier air aloft moving in from the north. a cold front further to the north, but having an effect on the stability of the atmosphere locally. you see the thundershower activity around saint petersburg pushing to the southeast. we have seen a few scattered showers but this is most of the activity on the map. south of wauchula. and a few showers around miaca city. this one moving over the bay around the southern part of pinellas county. further north, we had a few little shower that's have fallen apart. a new one west of southern part of pasco county. so the forecast at 7:00 a.m., 77 degrees at 9:00 p.m., 81 degrees. 4:00 p.m., 89 degrees. a mix of sunshine and clouds. the rain chances are going to trend a little loiter next lower the next couple of days. 88 in lutz, odessa. 93 sun city center.
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from the west. you probably noticed that with a few showers and thunderstorms that did occur early in the day today, kind of breezing off the gulf of mexico. we even had some rain in the radar last night. so with the westerly flow and a front just to the north of us, it tends to provide a little instability, but a lot of the activity has moved east and we saw strong thunderstorms to the east. you can see the drier air at the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. it is there and it does indicate you can see there is ofwet tore the northover us. over the next couple of days, especially north and central areas will feel more stability. fewer showers in the forecast. tropics, well, we have a new tropical storm. it is lisa. it is pretty far away. we still have karl here. both storms will probably not affect land areas but they are out there. as part of the season here, you can see, potentially, karl becoming a category 2 hurricane according to the national hurricane center. and you can see the forecast for lisa with 45 miles an hour
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at the moment. not a favorable atmosphere for this one long term dealing with wind shear and a very dry air ever of which there has been a lot of out in the atlantic this year. that has been good to suppress tropical activity. on the wrap model you can see everything is just drifting inland. then things are quiet overnight. partly cloudy skies. still a slight chance of sees a shower in coastal areas. the rain chances are trending downward. the forecast calling for a 30% chance on wednesday, high 20% chance for thursday and friday. that is actually below normal. even get into late september here as our rain chances start to trend downward. 20% is a little bit lower. then as we get into the weekend, that 30% chance mostly in the afternoon and evening hours. >> if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side, better call behnken. >> it was a seven month long wait.
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and when this guy stopped answering their calls and left their home in shambles they knew they better call behnken. the name of the contractor is tony jackson. that got shannon's attention because you know this guy. we have done a story on him before. >> reporter: i thought this sounds familiar. i have already confronted tony jackson about this very same type of scenario more than two years >> so there is our beat maker. our dishes are all in here. >> reporter: nikki is sick of living out of boxes. she paid $14,000 for new cabinets but her kitchen looks like this. >> so you have been living like this since february? >> yeah. >> reporter: she tells me workers from the cabinet place in largo started the job and then disappeared seven months ago. offering excuses.
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i think it is going to be another two weeks. all summerlong, we waited and we believed them. but, nothing ever happened. >> reporter: now, no return calls at all. she called me for help and boy, does this story ring a bell. i dug through my archives and found my last encounter with the cabinet place owner tony jackson. back in january, 2014. i found him selling cabinets at a home show. instead of finishing the he had already been paid to complete. >> why are you here when you have not finished the work you have already started? >> because if i stop soliciting business, i have no business. i have no revenue, nothing coming in. >> reporter: the smooth talking tony promised to get everything straightened out. >> so by the time you start on these new jobs you will have floren and all the other people taken care of? >> exactly. >> reporter: so i want to know
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calls about tony. >> cleaned out in there. >> reporter: nothing is left behind. and no one answers the door at his tierra verde home. his company's website is up though offering a peek as his sales pitch. >> a locally owned business in pinellas county with a price insurance guaranteed with no hidden charges. >> reporter: no hidden charges? well, the growing number of disgruntled customers beg to differ. he called me back a few minutes business and will offer pascoy a partial refund. that does not answer all of my questions soily continue to try to track down tony. >> what about other complaints? january 24 of 2014, you were talking to him. here you are two years later, a similar situation. are there other complaint ins. >> reporter: there are, the pinellas county consumer protection agency is looking into this. they have had ten complaints since 2014 when we first did
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complaints so they are continuing to look into that. and some of those people have already contacted us too. so we are looking into it as well. >> perhaps another follow-up with tony before it is all said and done. thank you shannon. a refinder, if you have a problem that needs solving, better call behnken. 1-855-behnken is the number. well, i know the commercials tell you not to do it. but you may in fact want to let go of the eggo. we will explain how this popular breakfast go-to could put you and your family in
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>> a student loan defaults increase sox do the scams according to the consumer financial protection bureau.
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struggling to make payments. they charge large up front fees to get borrowers into government relief plans but those are plans they could actually sign up for on their own for free. the consumer financial protection bureau has a list of certified student loan counselors on their website. the kellogg company is recalling about 10,000 cases of eggo waffles because they may have listeria, but the waffles were not distributed in florida. careful. it involves the nutri grain whole wheat waffles. it appears none of the boxes shipped to florida. but still, check. there's the code on your screen right there. the date, november 21. 2017. >> leggo my eggo. >> you can have it you just take it. >> they are the healthier ones. the wheat ones. >> that's right. all right, so what's up at 5:30? >> coming up, stepping up the
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from the federal government to keep the sunshine state safer. plus. >> scientists think thousands of baby sea turtles were likely killed during hurricane hermine. now they need to see if there are any survivors with the public's help.
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donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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5:30. >> good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm josh benson. hurricane hermine destroyed hundreds of baby sea turtle nests in sarasota county. now they need the public's help to find out how many might have survived. newschannel8's john rogers joins us live from lido beach which was badly hit during the storm. right john? >> reporter: yeah, that's right guys. good evening to you. a lot of people don't realize how many eggs are in the sea


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